How do I know if my roof has hail damage?

In terms of accessing damage on your roof, an aerial view of the roof offers the best means since most of the time hail damage on a roof cannot be accessed from the ground. This is why we offer free roof inspections and meet with your adjuster at no cost to you.

What are some exterior signs of hail damage?

Indicators of hail damage that can be seen from the ground:

  • Torn Screens
  • Chipped Wooden Fences
  • Chipped Paint On The Exterior Of The Home
  • Damaged Guttering

When do I call my insurance company to look at my roof?

We recommend calling us first since we can access the damage and let you know if it is necessary to call your insurance company to file a claim.

When is it too cold to roof?

It’s too cold to roof on a day when the temperature stays below the mid-thirties without sun. In weather this cold, the shingles can break when nailing them, causing them to easily blow off in the coming months of Oklahoma wind.

Why do I sometimes have to wait a week after my scheduled roof date?

Roofing is weather directed. We do not roof in the rain or stormy weather, so depending on the length of job, determines whether we can start on a day with a chance of rain. Although this fact many times does upset the flow of scheduling, we try and work these disruptions into your appointment.

I just want to just get the bid processing over with, I don’t like to wait. What should I do?

Just like you don’t want to buy a vacuum cleaner from the salesman that walks up to your door selling them at a cheaper price, we recommend you shop around for local companies that can stand behind their services for your roof. If a roofing company comes knocking on your door, there may be a reason; perhaps they need the business. The recent hail storm should have all reputable roofing businesses extremely busy, giving them a longer waiting list, but they can take the best care of you and your roof. Plus, shopping locally allows your money to change hands in the Oklahoma economy, strengthening our city.

Will Class Four, Impact Resistant shingles keep me from having to roof my house again if we have another hailstorm?

The benefit of the heavier shingle is that it can withstand small hail and usually offers up to a 20 percent discount on your homeowners premium. It still gets bruising if the hail is big enough and will need to be reroofed if the hailstorm is severe enough to cause hail damage. In our experience, the best impact resistant shingles are Atlas-Stormaster and Malarky-Legacy.

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