About Us

For nearly 30 years C and S Roofing has been servicing our customers in Tulsa and the surrounding areas. We are incredibly proud of the work we provide. In that time we have earned a reputation for doing things right-no matter what. Roofing is the most important defense for your biggest investment. We are humbled and thankful that our customers in Tulsa trust us to provide such an important service. We are committed to providing the absolute best quality work for the community that we have been apart of for generations.

C and S Roofing is now a 2nd generation roofing company in Tulsa. The business practice of providing uncompromising solutions roofing service for Tulsa will continue for many years to come. The landscape of Tulsa is constantly changing and growing. We are growing right along with it-but our commitment to consistently providing the best roofing service in Tulsa will never change. We believe that Tulsans deserve the best roofing service available.

Core Beliefs

These core beliefs are the engine that drives our company. We love Tulsa and we love servicing Tulsa with what we do best.

Uncompromising workmanship

We believe in doing things right. C and S Roofing was built on this precept. The details matter to us-even when you can’t see them. We operate with best practices to ensure the quality of our work lasts as many years as possible.

Fair pricing

We are honest and upfront about the cost of our work. From the smallest repair to a complete re-roof, we provide competitive pricing that is fair and transparent. We do not hide fees or give surprises halfway into a project.


We understand what its like to have services performed on your house. We make the process as easy and stress free as it can be. We keep our customers informed throughout all stages of the project. We communicate important details and follow through with the expectations provided.

We’ll fix it

We’re humans. We make mistakes. We may try to be perfect but we’re most certainly not. But we can always make things right. Roofing is a dirty, messy, and hazardous job. Things sometimes go wrong. The C and S difference is we will make it right-every time.

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